Acne Drying System

An all-in, medical-grade solution for active and future breakouts


Every year, acne tops the Filipina’s list of skin concerns. With so many stressors triggering breakouts, Luminisce designed a dermatologist-tested system featuring 15 products and tools—each one meant to help you deliver a medical-grade solution to fight acne from home, then maintain its results with the right skincare regimen. A Luminisce dermatologist will instruct you virtually prior to using this kit.



  • Clinical Double Peel: Luminisce’s signature Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)-packed Coquille Peel joins forces with the Azelaic Acid (AZA) Peel, drying out existing pimples and safely renewing skin.
  • Facial Steaming & Safe Extractions: The Luminisce Pure Mist, a portable facial steamer, preps the skin for extractions using the medical-grade pimple extractor.
  • Anti-Acne Routine: To help prevent future breakouts, use the curated anti-acne products for your new regimen—Glyco Soap, Puriclens Glycolic Toner, two Facial Masques, Retinol, Acne Spot, and Acne Gel Moist.


  • Coquille Peel
  • AZA Peel
  • Post-Peel Cream
  • Post-Peel Neutralizer
  • Luminisce Pure Mist Device
  • Medical-Grade Pimple Extractor
  • Lipid-Free Cleanser
  • Disinfectant
  • Glyco Soap
  • Puriclens Glycolic Toner
  • Facial Masques
  • Retinol
  • Acne Spot
  • Acne Gel Moist

Who it’s for: Acne-prone skin, especially with frequent, hard-to-manage breakouts”