Citrine At-Home Peel Kit

Brightening Kit


Lighten the way to repaired skin.



Hyperpigmentation is a top concern for Filipinas. It happens no matter your age and can show up on your face and body as melasma, acne marks, or even insect bite marks! Luminisce had this in mind in creating the Citrine Peel: a lightening peel that depigments skin, thanks to the hardworking, triple effect of active ingredients Argan, Rice, and Barley. The result? Lighter, even-toned, and luminous skin. Contains: Citrine Peel, lipid-free cleanser, disinfectant (70% alcohol), peel applicator, post-peel neutralizer, post-peel cream Who it’s for: For hyperpigmented skin (from aging, acne, or other marks); can be used on the face, neck, chest, back, and hands.


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