Pits Perfect Plus

Brighter, smoother skin—right where you need it


The Pits Perfect Peel Plus is a multitasking brightening and smoothening peel for the underarms and all other parts of your body in need of TLC—from the face to your elbows, knees, and intimate areas. This peel’s secret to powerful, yet safe skin transformation lies in a combination of three powerhouse actives: Vitamin C that brightens, Argan that smoothens, and Modified TCA that improves skin texture. Upgrading to Plus gives you a bottle of White Bella serum—a post-care product with Vitamin C and Kojic Acid to help maintain your peel’s results.



  • Pits Perfect Peel
  • White Bella Serum
  • Disinfectant (70% alcohol)
  • Peel applicator
  • Post-peel neutralizer
  • Post-peel cream

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to transform dark, rough, and dull underarms and other areas; can also be used by sensitive-skin types”